An elegant, timeless, subtle spinner that fits comfortably in your hand 


In 2013 I picked up a component to a prototype that my boyfriend had been working on, which at that stage was just a wheel. I loved spinning it in my hand. A plane ride and a quick redesign later, the two of us came up with something that fit perfectly between your fingers. Since then, I've worn various iterations of the ring around my neck.

Since the Vinci Ring's creation, the whole fidget toy craze has exploded and we figured it's as good a time as ever to release what we believe is a high quality, elegant, timeless alternative to much of what is out there. 

Whether you're a nail biter, a fidgeter, quitting smoking, if you feel awkward without a drink in your hand, or are simply full of nervous energy, the Vinci Ring is a beautiful, subtle tool that you can wear around your neck, keep on your keychain, or even in your pocket - with you wherever you go. 

My Vinci Ring has been a part of me for years and I want to share it. If you're like me, it will become a part of you - a talisman, intimately familiar with your mental state! 

Anyone who holds the Vinci Ring wants one of their own. 

It is so named after DaVinci, the inventor of the bearing.

We launched our successful Kickstarter campaign in the summer of 2017.

Care for your Vinci Ring

The Vinci Ring is an exposed system, which displays the attractive, performance bearings within. This means sometimes debris can get inside. But it is also very easy to clean. If it happens to get gummed up, just thoroughly spin it under warm running water with some dish soap. Once it dries, it'll spin great again.

The bearings spin best without any additional lubrication, so you don't need to get out the WD-40! 

And remember, the more you use it, the better it spins. After weeks of disuse, it may not spin as well as you remember but after a bit of play, it'll be back in business.

The action also changes depending on air pressure, humidity, temperature - as these factors contribute to the expansion and contraction of the materials and their friction. You get used to these changes and the behaviour of your ring the longer you carry it around. You begin to really appreciate and understand your Vinci Ring's personality. 


Technical Specifications

The Vinci Ring is the product of a design evolution with the goal of creating the most simple, tasteful, high quality spinner possible. The metal ring components are as thin as can be CNC machined, giving the spinner a very compact feel between your fingers, while the dense metal allows the outer ring to spin as long as possible. The ball bearings are extremely durable and precise, allowing the ring to spin longer and last a lifetime of fidgeting.


Brass Ring - C360
Titanium Ring - Ti-6Al-4V
Gold Ring - 14k Gold, 14k Rose Gold, 14k White Gold

White Ceramic Bearings - ZrO2 Zirconium Oxide
Black Ceramic Bearings - Si3N4 Silicone Nitride
Glass Bearings - B203 Borosilicate


External Diameter: 26.5mm 
Internal Diameter: 18mm 
Width: 10.5mm (The gold is slightly more narrow at 9.7mm)

Return Policy

You may return your Vinci Ring if it has been lightly used and doesn't have any obvious scratches or dents. 
If you wish to do so, please email hadley@vinciring.com for further instructions ! 

Please let us know if you encounter any issues with your Vinci . But be sure to check out our Care Instructions above first !